What Your Neighbors Think of Us


I worked with William for years at his previous office. So proud to see him out on his own! Congrats on the new office, and the amazing concept. If you listen to William speak about real estate for 30 minutes, you'll receive a free lesson in how it all works. He can be long winded, but he sure knows what he's talking about.

- Brian Holiday

Thank you so much for your hard work selling our home. During the inspection, some drainage issues came up. We had bids of 5K+ to make the repairs. Bill sent out his contractor the very next day. He uncovered the source of the water issue, and just 300.00 later, the problem was fixed! That alone saved us twice the commission we paid him. He'll be looking for our new vacation house next spring!

- Kassiya Chambers

Have not dealt with them as realtors, but they bought a condemned building in my neighborhood, and turned it into office space. From the outside it looks great! Thank you for fixing a long term eye sore.

- Wanda Brown

William is the best agent I have worked with in my experience flipping houses, he works around the clock and answers my whatsapp within 20 minutes, my last agent took 2 weeks just to list my projects.

- Joseph Waters

William was wonderful to work with!! He found us the perfect vacation home up in Traverse City for our budget. They have an office right in front Street and Royal Oak, which is super convenient. He even bought me VR goggles so I could "walk" houses with him without driving to Traverse City. WHO. DOES THAT??? We're going to use his company to do the up keep on the home as well so we can enjoy our time up north.

- Social Garage

We caught up in a bit of a scheme, bought some property site unseen. My first call with Bill lasted over an hour. Turns out, I had 100K more into the property than it was really worth. We got creative, and I sold the property on a land contract, he actually got me full price, and I'm getting a nice return each month.

- Ethan Le

I called a house sold name.....yea right. 4 months on market, my phone ringing every other day with some automated message. I would call to try and find out how my showings were going, and I could only get what amounted to a child on the phone. Bill happened to show my house a few weeks prior to the listing ending, and he asked me some questions about the house no one else had. He noticed some issues with the furnace, and made a suggestion about the bathroom. I took it off market for 2 months, fixed the bath and hvac, and relisted with William at the same price as the other guy. Bill had 3 offers in a week! I ended up a little bit over asking, basically paid the fees! He's a big text person, which worked for me. I could ask him about my showings at 10 at night, and he always got right back to me.

- Toby Bolandum

They had a house listed, and apparently owner went with another tenant, they offered to help me find another house, but I wasn’t able to find anything that worked from me. Maybe next time

- Daniel Bentham

Just finished a closing with Bill. The sellers agent was anything but professional. Bill picked up both sides of the transaction and got it across the finish line. I just sat there for 3 hours waiting for the seller to send some documents to the lender, Bill finally asked for the sellers information, called himself, and within 30 minutes we finally had what we needed. Pay attention, we see a lot of transactions where 1 realtor does the majority of the work!

- John Henderson

Found Bill thru his wife Lisa. She's amazing, and I see why she married him. Needed a place for our son, we were looking at 2 bedroom homes, Bill suggested a condo, we hadn't considered that, and ended up going that route. Paid over 80 grand less than we were budgeting. I know it had to have cost him money on his buyer fee, but he didn't care, he set us up with the best option for us. We'll be using him next year when we start looking for a place to retire up north.

- Iona Gray

Owners kids go to our school. We had a family situation and needed to sell our property near Traverse. We were going to go with a local realtor, but William flat asked me for the chance, and didn’t bind me to him. Glad I did, we ended up selling to a young doctor who was moving up from Troy, they closed at his office in Royal Oak, super easy for everyone.

- Klimt Dorsy

My wife and I used Social when we purchased our first home. Lisa and Bill took excellent care of us, answering all our questions, walking us through the buying process, and helped us find the right house at the right price. Highly recommended!

- David Ramsey

Thank you for helping us buy our piece of heaven. We wanted to sell our house in Birmingham, buy a condo, and a place up north. Bill handled it ALL. He didn't charge us to sell Birmingham, and found us a great little 3 bed cottage just 20 minutes outside of Traverse City. The market there is crazy!! Because he grew up there, he knew who to call, and we were looking at the property before it was even on Zillow. Your idea is right, real estate is about who you know, thank you for renting us your network!

- Kenneth Rivera

We were referred to Bill by an attorney who is helping us sell a bad investment. He really saved us, made repairs to the property so we could get a reasonable price for the property. Helped us in ways no other realtor ever would have

- Connie Cox

If you want professional agents that treat you like they expect to be treated....this is the place. I had to put off buying a house for 4 months, they were totally understanding, and jumped right back in when I finally got my finances in order. Closing next week, THANK YOU

- Nathaniel Austin