What's in a name? In our opinion, a lot. When it came time to launch our latest expansion, we spent countless hours going over names. Family and friends offered up their suggestions. We turned to branding professionals. In the end, it was a simple phrase from my wife that checked all the boxes. After more than 15 years in the Real Estate and Construction Industry, she said it all boiled down to being Social. 


She couldn’t have stated it in a more perfect manner. Back in 2004, I was working for Home Depot at a corporate level when my father suggested I look into becoming a real estate appraiser. Without that Social suggestion, I never would have started on the path to a career in Real Estate. 



Less than a year later, I was out valuing homes for Fannie Mae. The work was very steady, but a bit too clinical. I started searching for other ways to utilize my experience. 6 Months later, I answered a craigslist ad from a young entrepreneur from California. He was looking for someone in the Detroit market to value potential real estate deals for him. I took a chance, and started working part time for him. That opportunity quickly lead to establishing my first construction company, specifically rehabbing investment properties for out of state clients. From there, we started a small management company that grew slowly but steadily. 


Enter the “Great Recession of 2007/08” The majority of clients who sought us out were in some form of financial trouble. My wife and I have had countless dinners with amazing people from all over the world, listening to their unique stories. Some of these meetings would end with dinner, while others flourished into a decades long partnership. 


Word of mouth referrals have driven our entire business. We’ve never placed a single ad, purchased a radio spot, or posted our faces on a billboard. Just satisfied clients sharing their stories with Friends and Families. In the end, it has all been Social. 


Family and Friends have been pushing me to take what I do public. They’ve encouraged me to start sharing more of our story. Showing people the day to day work that goes into building something that our children will one day be able to take over. 


Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram. In the coming weeks we are going to share more of our stories. We’ll share the story of the wonderful Rabbi we met by chance years ago, and how he lead to our biggest client. About the wonderful brothers we met with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. How we’ve helped shape people's financial futures, as well as their day to day family lives.