William Kaupas


WIth more than 15 years experience within the real estate industry, William is one of the most sought after investment managers in Michigan. William started his real estate career as an Appraiser, valuing distressed properties for Fannie Mae, Ocwen Financial, and several other National Lenders. Just as the market started to take its now infamous downturn, William answered a chance Craigslist Ad, and met his first out of state Investment Client. William acted as a one stop shop for that first client.Identifying desirable properties, inspecting them, securing sales contracts, execute the sale, and rehab the property, and finally tenanting the property, thus delivering a turn key investment to his client. As the Great Recession progressed, he grew his first Real Estate Management company from a single client with 50 properties, to managing and acquiring more than 35 Million worth of single family homes in 2 states, in addition to managing 500+ apartment units. William has a unique background as a Broker, Builder, Developer, and former State Appraiser. His extensive experience in all aspects of Real Estate, allows him to bring a complete in house solution to the challenges of purchasing and selling Real Estate of all forms.

Kristina C

Head of Operations

Kristina manages the day to day challenges that face any Real Estate Investor. Kristina handles each property as if it was her own. She’s not afraid to get out in the field to solve difficult challenges, and confront issues head on. As William’s very first employee, she has been there since the beginning. She manages 3 regional offices as well as being a direct point of contact for owners.

David K

General Counsel

Not many Real Estate Asset Management companies can say they have a dedicated Law Department. Social Realty recognizes that keeping cities honest, holding tenants to the terms of their lease, and protecting their clients investments, is the foundation of good management. Having a trusted counselor at our disposal allows us give our clients the best possible sollutions to their needs.

Jesse E

Transaction Coordinator

Jesse’s calm demeanor, and get it done attitude, is invaluable when it comes to getting deals closed. Be it coordinating with municipalities, title companies, buyers agents, working with Housing Authorities,or assisting tenants through the move in process, Jesse is the glue that brings it all together.

Sarah S

SEO, Internet Specialist - Traverse City

When your entire business is built upon leveraging the latest in technology, having your own in house Web Design, and video editing team is essential. Sarah is responsible for creating the amazing animations, 360 Virtual Reality Videos, Listing Photos, and SEO for Social Realty. It’s no accident that Social Realty’s listings rank at the TOP of most search results.

Lisa E

Accounts Payable

The core of a good team, is making sure the players receive the game checks! Lisa handles more than 100 invoices a week, ensuring contractors, cities, vendors, etc are all paid quickly and efficiently. This allows Social Realty to negotiate better prices, and build a stronger team.

Charlotte B

Internet Marketing

In this day and age 70% of all communication with tenants is nonverbal. Charlotte manages the Internet Marketing Department by ensuring clients can communicate via Text, Email and Chat Bots embedded in their personal portals. When a prospective buyer asks a question at 11pm on a Sunday, its Charlotte’s team that makes sure they get a response the same night!

David B

Project Manager - Detroit

If Kristina was the 1st employee, Dave was the 2nd. He takes his job very personally, and ensures jobs are completed to the utmost standard. Dave is the person who is sent in when other vendors claim an issue can’t be fixed. He won’t settle for cobbled together, for him, the only way is the right way.

Mario S.

Project Manager - Traverse City

MR MARIO as he is known within our family. A chance encounter 10 years ago brought us one of our most valuable team members. Mario manages a crew of more than 10. If there is a particularly tough tenant turn, a brand new acquisition, or a lengthy city list, the question in the office is always the same…...Can we Send Mario? He’s the foundation of the American Dream and a family business.

Jason J

Field Technician

Jason's vast experience in property maintenance has made him a valuable member of our team. If there’s an emergency at 1am, he is often the go to call. With experience in HVAC, plumbing, electrical repairs, he’s the jack of all trades tenants need to cure their issues quickly and efficiently.